Lake Union Houseboats

Floating Home Houseboats in South Lake Union are floating homes which are as described by the Floating Homes Association "a legally permmitted structure, with no means of self-propulsion, which occupies a permanent berth and is subject to property taxes. It complies with all applicable codes an dis connected to all utilities and services, including water, sewage, electricity, gas, telephone, and cable television."

A South Lake Union houseboat gives you the opportunity to live on the water and experience Seattle in a way that few can. You can bear witness to an endless parade of sailboats, yachts, speedboats, kayaks, and 14-foot aluminum dingy's. The motion of the water and the sound of the water is both peaceful and relaxing. If you have any questions about purchasing a floating home or houseboat on Lake Union, or would like to contact us please don't hesitate.

You can also visit our floating home and houseboat FAQ here.

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