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South Lake Union is a neigborhood in Seattle that sits along the south-side of Lake Union. The fast-growing South Lake Union neighborhood sports many new buildings with modern architecture. South Lake Union is ground zero for economic growth in Seattle. The neighborhood has become a biotechnology and bio-medical research center. Several of the largest and most notable companies in Washington state have headquarters and/or offices in the heart of South Lake Union. From Amazon and The Fred Hutchinson Reasearch Center to Microsoft, many companies are utilizing this fabulous neighborhood and spurring economic growth.

South Lake Union Streetcar

The influx of these coorporations has also seen to the development of beautiful new condominiums and homes. South Lake Union also supports one of the most versatile public transportation systems most notably the South Lake Union Streetcar. The Streetcar runs 1.3 miles connecting the South Lake Union neighborhood to Downtown Seattle. An interesting fact about the South Lake Union Streetcar is that during construction, local residents claim that it was originally known as the South Lake Union Trolley. This abbreviates to S.L.U.T. While there is no evidence that this name was ever intended to be used as an official name, its enormous popularity has caused S.L.U.T. to become an unofficial one.

South Lake Union on the waterfront

With all of these cooporations entering South Lake Union there will be a domino effect where vendors of the large coorporations will move as well to be nearer to their suppliers. Jobs will be plentiful. South Lake Union is also home to a unique variety of restaurants and parks that help define it's modern charm. The Lake Union Park will be completed in 2010 which will include over 12 acres of green space on Lake Union. This will be ideal for an urban waterfront park. The park will provide the city with water and green space access as well as connect Seattle's neighborhoods and celebrate the cultural, industrial, and maritime heritage of the city and region. South Lake Union is a great place to be.

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