How to Improve Your Home's Value

Improve Your Home's Value

Improving your home to increase it's sale value is a good idea if you are interested in selling your home. The following are some ways to get the best price for one of your largest assets.

  1. Re-painting
    One of the least expensive ways to increase the value of your home is to put on a fresh coat of paint. A good, well done paint job will create a "new" feeling to the home. Not only will the walls, and exterior of the home glow, but there won't be any stains or ugly chipped paint areas. Re-painting also includes fences. Painting is also something most people can carefully do themselves to save money on labor. For tips on some do-it-yourself painting, click here.

  2. Replacing Handles, Knobs, and More
    If the knob on your front door is sticky or requires you twist, pull left, somersault, and touch your tongue to your nose to open--it'll be difficult to get potential buyers inside your home to see your new paint job, much less sell the home. This not only goes for doors too but any loose cabinet or closet handles too. If there are built in handles to appliances you also may want to consider having these repaired as well. New shiny knobs help add to the "newness/well-taken-care-of" feeling of your home.

  3. Revising Lighting
    Consider adding new or updated lightning techniques to your home. Lighting will make your house appear, bigger, fresh, and welcoming, as well as adding value. Mirrors can help make the most of less well-lit areas. Pull curtains and shades to invite more natural light. Also, nothing can beat the glow of a natural fire. Installing a fireplace adds both light, warmth, and value.

  4. Update The Kitchen
    The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house. Buyers will be looking for a kitchen that is clean, spacious, the necessary furnishings for working, and has enough storage. If the existing cabinetry is in disrepair, consider repainting or refinishing it. Sometimes installing new carpentry/cabinetry will improve the kitchen's spaciousness as well as helping address any issues with organization or storage. Using lighting to brighten up the kitchen also helps to make the kitchen appear larger.

  5. Attractive Landscaping
    Landscaping is the one of the first things potential buyers see. Keep the lawn greened-up with fertilizer and mow it at a healthy length. Consider planting flowers or other plants. Simple changes and re-landscaping can be relatively inexpensive and have a huge impact on the value of the home. Simple things like edging the lawn and weed-whacking tall grass will give the yard or lawn a clean cut look. Weeding flower beds also adds to a well-kept look to your home.

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