Why Isn't My Home Selling

Why isn't my home selling?

One of the most common concerns people ask about is "Why is my home not selling?" There could be several reason for your home not selling well. Below we will discuss some reasons why your home may be having difficulty selling.

  1. Your Home is in Poor Condition
    Especially in buyers markets it is extremely important to out-shine the competition. Do some research and take an inventory of homes that are comparable to yours. If your competetion is newer homes with more amenities may look more appealing than your home. You may want to consider doing some updates to help improve your homes value.

    If another comparable home to yours has new carpeting, redone kitchen cabinets, or other updates, think about doing the same and updating your home. Not only will it add value, but it will be more appealing to potential buyers.

  2. Not Enough Photographs or Quality Photos
    The marketing of homes is ever changing. More and more people are looking to the internet for their house-hunting and you need to make sure your home is well represented. Even if you think you're safe, that your house is on the web, think again. Any listing with one or few pictures is going to be quickly overlooked. Have a variety of pictures showcasing the features of your home.

    • Take photo's of a nice, neat home. Clothes on the floor, a messy counter top and un-made beds are a big no-no.
    • Focus on the positives. If you have a narrow hallway, omit the picture. Get a picture of the fireplace or other neat feature instead.
    • Living room photos should be well lit and show space. Move out the extra furniture.
    • Add descrpitive and helpful text to your photos.
    • Include gardens and the yard in your photo album, as well as a nice front shot of your home. Don't take outside shots in the rain.
    • Take down personal pictures on the walls, leaving a more open "vanilla" look.
    • Create a "virtual tour" of your home and post it on the listing website or your agents website. If the video is done well, it really boosts your chances of having people coming to see your house.

  3. Not Enough Marketing or Advertising
    Marketing strategies Putting a home on with a couple photos and a short description is not going to get your house sold. The more exposure you have, the better the chance is that your home will sell. Below are some things you can do to help you gain some exposure in a competetive housing market.

    • Creat some flyers and put them in a accessable container outside your home so that people may take one and learn about the home.
    • Advertise on the weekend and hold open houses.
    • Get as much exposure on the internet as possible, this means not only craigslist, but the MLS, and on your agents website.
    • Get Feedback! While during a tour of your home, a buyer may point out something they liked or disliked. If they comment on something they didn't like, listen, and don't take offense. Take note as that may be something that another buyer may notice as well and may impact their decision of whether or not to make an offer on your home.

  4. Your Listing Agent is Lousy
    Your agent should possess an uncanny knowledge of the area and be familiar with not only current market trends, but should also be able to offer you helpful advice concerning the sale of your home. An inexperienced agent will be indecisive, a poor quality agent just won't show the interest or care you deserve. The easiest way to find a good agent is through personal research as well as referrals from friends. Your listing agent is one of the most important components of your home selling.

    It is important to get to know your listing agents, and even ask for references from them. If you feel that your agent isn't doing a good job of representing you and your home, and would like the help of experienced real estate professionals, please dont hesitate to to contact us.

  5. You're In a Bad Location
    The age old adage, location, location, location. If your home is located in a top-ranked school district, your home's value monetarily, as well as buyer appeal, has just increased. If your house is located next to construction yard or on a highway with traffic noise, your value just decreased. Unfortuneately, if your home's location is less than desirable, your options may be fairly limited. Hire a good real estate agent who will do their best to help you accentuate the positive elements of your home, and reduce or eliminate the negatives of your circumstance. For example, using decorative fencing or foliage to reduce road noise or to screen off unappealing adjacent properties.

  6. Your House is Overpriced
    Sellers often lament that they feel like they're "giving away my home." Which is understandable, but you must also consider the current market trends as well as what other comparable homes to yours are selling for as well. In a buyer's market, you won't have the luxury of selling your home for an inflated value, sometimes it may be difficult to sell for what the home is appraised at. This is because there are more homes in the market trying to be sold and fewer buyers to purchase those homes. Most buyers know they can get a good deal on the homes, and it becomes difficult to sell. One option is to wait for the pendulum to swing back in your favor, and wait for more a sellers market to more money for your home.

    In a buyer's market, price your home at least 2% less than the last comparable sale. If this is a price you can't bring yourself to sell for, prepare to be dissapointed. Overpricing is the worst mistake a seller can make. Check here for some tips on pricing your home.

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