How to Sell Your Home: Home Selling Tips

Buying a home

Selling a home can sometimes be a difficult experience. Every seller wants to get top dollar for their home and to sell the home fast. However, there are a number of things you'll need to do as a home buyer in order to sell your house. Careful planning and professional marketing will help you to sell. Even things as simple as mowing the lawn can play an important role in whether a buyer decides to make an offer. Remember, your home has become a product that you want to sell--you do not want people to be distracted by untidyness. This makes them think "what kind of people live here?" rather than "I can see myself living here!" This brings us to our first discussion tip.

  • Mentally Prepare Yourself to Sell Your Home
    This is sometimes difficult for people, especially those who have been living in the same home for quite some time. Sentimentality can get in the way of a sale, and decision making may be impeded if you continue to think of the house as something you live in. It's not. When you decided to sell the house it has become no more than a product that needs to be sold. You'll need to think in terms of "What would a buyer want to see?" rather than "What looks good to me?" Don't look towards the past and the memories, look to the future.

  • Remove Personal Effects
    Put away the personal family photographs or family art, custom seat covers, or any personalized items. Again, you do not want to distract potential buyers with them wondering "I wonder what kind of people live here?" You want them to picture themselves living in the house. You want them to imagine what their photographs would look like on the walls.

  • Clean It Up
    Having a home up for sale and having clutter and items strewn about is a huge distraction to potentials buyers and, may be seen as you not treating your home with respect. "If the sellers don't care about the home, why should we?" Store excess items neatly, pack up the knicknacks, and clear off the kitchen counters. You want the home to appear new and clutter free.

  • Organize!
    A very important aspect selling your home is to keep things organized. Buyers will look around, open up closets, pantries, and explore just about everything. Make sure that if they open the closet the clothes are neatly hung or folded. Make sure that pantries are organized and presentable. Because that's what you're doing. You're presenting the house in a way that will entice buyers into thinking... "This could be my pantry..." An organized and clean home helps the buyer imagine what of their's could be there.

  • Put Items Into Storage
    Keeping with the "keep it organized" and "keep it clutter free" mantra, put those extra items in storage. It might be embarrassing to have a potential buyer open a door somewhere and see a collection of extra furniture and items crammed untidily somewhere. Putting extra furniture items in storage also helps make rooms look larger. Leave enough furniture so that it indicates the rooms purpose, but too much leaves buyers wondering what the room is used for.

  • Remove and Replace Favorite Items Love your chandelier? Take it and replace it with another. If you want to take certain items with you when you move, remove them before buyers start perusing your home. A buyer can't want what they can't see. It is possible for a buyer to want an item, and, if told they can't, they may covet the item until either you part with it, or the deal is off. Keep yourself out of those situations and store away and replace favorite items if necessary.

  • Fix The Little Things
    Buyers can be a tad nit-picky. You want them to say "That looks great!" rather than "There's... a crack in the linoleum..." If it's broke, fix it. There's no reason to lose the interest of a buyer because a lightbulb is out. You want to send the message that you cared about this place, and that will give the buyer a sense that everything is in perfect working order, which, hopefully things are. The buyer needs to focus on the good things that the house has to offer, rather than the faucet that leaked.

  • Make it Sparkle!
    Clean the house thoroughly. This means washing down the sinks, polishing any chrome faucets, wiping down the counters, vacumming, and waxing hardwood floors for example. Keep everything dusted and polished. If you have a patio outside, rent a pressure washer and pressure wash the patio and even the house siding to remove grime and dirt. Funky smells are also no good. If an odor is coming from somewhere, find it and toss it. Odors are a huge turn off for potential buyers.
    • Wash the windows
    • Re-caulk tubs, showers and sinks
    • Dust ceiling fans, furniture and clean the light fixtures
    • Bleach dingy grout
    These are some of the things you can do to name a few.

  • Scrutinize It
    If you were looking for a home, would you buy this one? Standing outside does the house welcome you? Pretend like you are buying a home and if you were to walk into a room what does the room say to you? Is the furniture arranged in a way that is inviting? Are fixtures even and level? Make sure things like window blinds and shades are even. If the home looks unkempt from the outside it would be tough to get someone to have a look at the inside.

  • Make That Curb Appealing!
    Presentation, presentation, presentation. If when a potential buyer won't get out of the car because from the curb the home is unappealing, it's not looking good that they'll be willing to come inside. Keep things like the walkways and sidewalks cleared, as well as a nice, freshly cut lawn. If trim along the house is faded, repaint it. Prune the bushes, and weed the flower beds, the message should be, "I've taken care of this place, come on inside!"

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