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Frequent Concerns of New Home Buyers
September 28, 2010 · Written by Brock Dunda · Filed under Helpful Tips, Real Estate

How important is location?

Location is one of those varying factors that has a huge impact on your buying decision. Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. How close do I want to be to work?

  2. Do I want to be in the city or in the suburb?

  3. How far away from busing and transit do I want to be?

  4. How close to shopping centers and grocery stores do I want to be?

  5. Do I prefer densely populated or rural areas?

By answering these questions you should have a better understanding of where you want to be.

Price vs Comfort?

When looking for a home you need to consider what it is you’re really looking for. Are you looking for a long term residence? Or are you looking more towards a place that will generate some equity and will be a stepping stone to a future purchase?

If you’re starting out and don’t have a large resources pool of funds, it may be wiser/safer to search for homes that will be easier to afford vs. larger and more difficult to sustain.

Also keep in mind, just because you might qualify for a more expensive home, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to strap yourself for cash for several years afterward. If you’re barely making enough to cover a mortgage payment, car payment, medical insurance, electricity, water, sewer, garbage, and food, you may want to consider what your life will be like financially if you go for something that you can afford but only barely.

Buying a smaller, more affordable home will help you keep your options open and will provide you with an equity stepping stone to purchase something more long term in the future.


Buying a new home as a first time home buyer can be daunting financially. Should it fit within your needs, a roommate can alleviate some of the financial burden. While many first time home buyers prefer to purchase the home for the privacy, some individuals or couples can get help financially with the sacrifice of some privacy.

Why Should I Own?

There are many benefits of owning a home. By buying a home, a portion of your mortgage payment will be going towards the principle of the home, increasing the equity. If for example you’re a first time home buyer, buying a smaller and more affordable home, and later selling it is often a means towards your goal/dream home. Also, instead of paying rent, you’re putting money towards an investment that will also appreciate over time. There are also other benefits like pride of ownership, and tax write-offs.

As with many decisions, what your needs are depends on the individual. As a first time home buyer you’ll need to think about what matters most to you and go from there. By knowing what your needs are it will not only help you get what you want, but it will also help in the search for your home.

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Lake Union Park Grand Opening Celebration – September 25th
September 22, 2010 · Written by Brock Dunda · Filed under General, Local Events, News

Join the Seattle Parks Foundation on September 25th in a celebration and dedication of Lake Union Park! The free public celebration is certain to draw families and neighbors from all around Seattle to come take part in the festivities. There will be a Family Fun Run, Sunrise Yoga on the Fitness Field, and many more activities throughout the day both on land and in the water.

Lake Union Park Logo

Along with the general merriment, there will be other activities including:

  • Musical performances

  • Model boat races on the model boat pond

  • Native American Canoe displays

  • Amazing Seattle Food vendors including the Farmer’s Market

  • Environmental education and history trail tours

  • A parade of Seattle mascots along with children’s activities

  • And much much more!

For more information, please visit the Seattle Parks Foundation website for all the details. See you there on the new 12 acres of awesome park space!

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Moving Checklist – Helpful Tips
September 14, 2010 · Written by Brock Dunda · Filed under Helpful Tips

Moving OutWhen you’re ready to move there’s so much going on that sometimes the little things get forgotten. Hopefully the checklist below will provide some organization and ideas on for your move.

  • Cancel or transfer any deliveries, newspapers, garbage collection, etc. Coordinate with the new owners to transfer gas and electric service to the new owners.
  • Make certain any personal items that might be at the local photo shop, in a safe-deposit box, items at a neighbors house, on layaway or at a repair shop.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for transporting plants you want to keep as well as your pets.
  • Save the phone book from your former residence in case there is ever a need to tie up loose ends or for future correspondence.
  • Transfer insurance policies or arrange for new policies.
  • Service your vehicles before you travel to your new destination.
  • Gather all valuables, jewelry, or important papers to take with you personally.
  • Pack an arrival kit of necessities, just in case you arrive before the movers.
  • Consider purchasing moving insurance. Your movers’ liability for lost or damaged goods will not equal their replacement cost.
  • Arrange for the utilities service for your new home.
  • Check with your attorney about your will, if crossing state lines.
  • Ask for professional referrals, if available (e.g., doctor, accountant, dentist).
  • Notify friends, relatives, and anyone else that is necessary of your new address. (Post office, banks, charge accounts, subscriptions, national and alumni organizations, church, etc.)
  • Notify past employers to make sure you received your W-2 forms and retirement account information.
  • Save your old address labels to speed up filling out change-of-address forms for your new address.

 With all of the above tallied off, you should be ready to move! Always do a final walk around to ensure that all of your items have been taken and loaded. Have a good move!

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Purchasing A Home With a Partner
September 3, 2010 · Written by Brock Dunda · Filed under Helpful Tips, Real Estate

Couple Buying A HousePurchasing a home with a partner or significant other can be a challenging process. The following will hopefully help minimize common difficulties and challenges associated with buying a home together.


Communication is one of, if not the most, important facets of purchasing a home with a partner. By having open lines of communication, and by ensuring that all needs, opinions, and other concerns are heard and listened to, a lot of issues can be avoided.

Define Your Parameters Carefully

How important is location? Multiple stories? Access to bus lines? Close to work? Size of home? Fenced yard? Multiple bathrooms? Price?

By carefully identifying what is important to each partner so much confusion can be avoided. Be as clear as you can with each other in defining what matters most to you has a partnership or couple.

Be Patient

The process for finding a home can be tiring and at times arduous. An experienced agent can help alleviate the decision making process and find the right house for your needs. Communicate with your agent what both of your concerns are and be clear about what matters the most to both of you, and what things you are willing to compromise on.

 It will take time and effort, but by communicating openly, defining your home parameters clearly, and being patient with the process, you can reduce the amount of stress and minimize difficulties in your search.

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