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West Seattle Artwalk – Featured Artists: Josh Pemberton and Christopher Ramsey
November 9, 2011 · Written by Brock Dunda · Filed under Local Events

Dear Friends,

Man on BearSeattle Real Estate Associates is very pleased to invite you to join us for the West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday, November 10th between 6 and 9pm. At this time, we will be hosting the incredible exhibits of Josh Pemberton and Christopher Ramsey.

Josh Pemberton

Josh Pemberton’s unique work utilizes the phenomenon of how, through even a few marks of charcoal, an artist can evoke an idea in whoever sees it. Josh’s astonishing attention to detail, and creative imagery introduces new thoughts and emotions to the viewer. It allows the viewer to introduce their own narrative to the work, and to decide for themselves it’s meaning.

Artist Statement

The phenomenon of how, through even a few marks of charcoal, an artist can evoke an idea in whoever sees it interests me to no end. In my work I strive to engage the observer in this activity through content, composition, and technique. I have heard it said that the single image is not a very effective way to convey a narrative because it relies on the viewer to bring meaning to it. This suits me just fine. I strive to balance meaning and ambiguity to challenge the viewer to bring their own narrative to my work and hopefully confront and re-evaluate it along the way.


  • Jun 2011 “Best of Gage”, Rosen Gallery, Seattle, Wa
  • Jun 2011 “Collective Work”, Street Bean Espresso, Seattle, Wa
  • Apr 2011 “From Pencil to Paint”, Rosen Gallery, Seattle, Wa
  • Apr 2011 “Atelier Exhibition”, Phinney Neighborhood Association, Seattle, Wa
  • Feb 2011 “Spitting Image” Self-Portrait Show, Rosen Gallery, Seattle, Wa


  • 2011 “2nd Place Figure Category”, Gage Academy of Art’s Best of Gage Competition


  • Graduated in 2010 with a BA in Studio Art from Reed College, Portland, Or.
  • Currently enrolled in the KoH Drawing & Painting Atelier at Gage Academy, Seattle, Wa

Christopher Ramsey
Man on Bear

A Washington native from Spokane, Chris knew he loved painting even as a child. His favorite subjects are landscapes, with a focus on Northwest light, colors, dramatic geography and textures that often are juxtaposed with the human constructed world.

Christopher’s landscapes transport the viewer to places both real and imagined. They invoke the freedom of imagination, fantasy, and reality all in a unique, and beautiful style.

Artist Statement

I am a Washington State native from Spokane. I knew I loved to paint when I was a young child and first dipped a brush into a jar of tempera paint. I have not stopped painting since. I graduated from the University of Washington School of Art with a BFA, majoring in painting.

I paint landscapes. My subjects are Northwest light, colors, dramatic geography and textures often juxtaposed with the human built environment.

Watercolor has been my media for most of my painting life. I love the immediacy, the wet paint interaction and the colors and values achieved. The paint always does what it wants to do. I push it where I want it to go . . . but of course it does what it wants to do anyway.

The mission of the Art Walk is to acquaint the audience with Jack’s latest art as well as introduce our business to West Seattle community. The exhibit will take place at our new office located on 4535 44th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116. Be ready for food, beverages, art and of course a lot of fun! We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information please see our West Seattle Artwalk Website

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